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Rubber Scrapers

Snow/Manure Yard Scrapers

Indestructible Rugged Economical Reliable

Rubber Scrapers

Works well for scraping manure in dairy barns (will not damage cement.
Good for snow removal (will not damage curbs, man holes or the surface.
Good for filling water trench's.
Works well for moving corn silage and feed.
Good for moving slop and manure in cattle yards (no gouging).
These scrapers will act like a squeegee and last they have nothing to be re-paired like a steel scraper does.
Beneficial for paper factories.
Many different applications.

Skid-Loader Mount
Universal Skid-Loader Bracket

Skid-Loader Scraper
<<< Scraper Spans 5 - 12 Foot >>>

Forklift Scraper

28" Fixed Forklift Pockets
<<< Scraper Spans 5 - 12 Foot Across >>>
<<< Rubber Scraper With Wiper >>>

Complete Line of Snow/Manure Yard Scrapers
Available with skid loader, fork lift and tractor front-end loader mountings.

Forklift Scraper Model # YS28FF,
28" Fixed Forklift Pockets,
Scraper Spans 4' to 7' Across

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